“I was a bit sceptical about infrared panel heaters until I visited a building using them and was so impressed that I had to buy one and install it in a large bathroom that always felt cold – problem solved! I can now envisage using them in many other situations particularly as installation is so easy.”

— — Berzelius Jakob

What Client Say

“As you know we have several pieces of infrared heaters in our Villa in Spain that are perfect for what we need as it does go cold at nights in the winter. They work so well that I decided to put some for my employees in our office. It works perfect and I mean perfect, we have not had the heated air-con switched on since I fitted it. The air-con was using 2.8Kw an hour and the panel heaters on test uses less than 1000 Watts an hour and does a better job, even when it was minus 6 or 7 outside it kept inside at 18-22. The air-con also created a draft and that still makes you feel cold, with the carbon crystal heating panels there is no draft so you neither feel hot or cold just a nice temperature all the time and at a great saving in electric.”

— — Xavier George

“I have finally had the time to be able to complete the course: these electric panel heaters are very helpful and have given much greater knowledge when we are installing.”

— — Chancellor Richard

“I am writing to let you know that all panels arrived safely to me and my Mum on Thursday, as was arranged before. Although I have not installed the thermostats as yet, I had the opportunity to test the panels and have to say that they work brilliantly and I am very satisfied with the quality of the product.”

— — Alexis Claude

“From all my heart I would like to say MANY THANKS to you and your team for being so professional, communicating clearly, straight to the point and in a very friendly manner. It was a real pleasure ordering these heating panels from you and I shall definetly return should I need more infrared radiators in future. I already recommended you to a number of my friends.”

— — Otto W.von

“We are currently renovating an old building that is to be used as an extended Box-Office outlet. Due to the lack of space and no heating present we were looking for a space saving and energy efficient method to heat the space. After a long and fruitless search all the existing units were either too large or energy inefficient.

When we saw the carbon crystal heating panel online we knew we had found the solution. They advised us on the styles, sizes and costs required for the room and this was not only timely and efficient but a pleasure to deal with throughout the process.

The heaters arrived well within time and were nothing less than stunning. The online pictures are good but the real thing is so much better.

Staff and Clients talk about these newfangled radiators and seem surprised that they are heaters as the elegance and size in deceptive. Recommending these panels is a given for the theatre, they make up-holding the 5 Star status that bit easier as well as holding to budgets a breeze.”

— — Peter

“I researched and got quotes from every supplier I could find online but I really couldn’t tell them apart. What made me decide to go to these high tech infrared heaters was the actual experience with the heaters and I was then able to see their Byecold heaters running alongside some other models – at that point there was no more competition.”

— — George